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Deep City 2030



We’re making a making a real-time multi-player strategy game for iOS.

As of now (spring 2014) we’ve created gameplay concepts and visuals. To build the project, we’re launching an Indiegogo Campaign.

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Deep City 2030 will challenge you to build a resilient, livable city in an apocalyptic future beset by mega-storms and monsters, where toxic waste is lethal and energy is as precious as life itself.

Your goal is to survive and prosper, using whatever tactics you choose. You can cooperate with other players to make your city a better place for everyone. Or you can embrace the dark side and go rogue.

It's about having some fun while inventing possible futures.


This demo shows how far we've progressed without any funding. Imagine what we can do with your support!

When we presented this concept in the Demo Spotlight at the 2013 Games for Change Festival in New York, we got strong positive feedback from game makers, journalists and "change agents" from around the world.


Deep City 2030 is the brainchild of Mark Kolody, Chris Lowry, and Greg Greene.


Lead Game Designer Mark Kolody is an award-winning master of all things digital. As both an avid gamer and a seasoned game maker, he has what it takes to make Deep City 2030 a compelling experience.


Producer/Writer Chris Lowry has made animation, drama, comic books, music documentaries, and even a best-selling book of humour. He has the omni-platform skills required to hold a complex game project together.


Indie filmmaker Greg Greene made waves with his feature The End of Suburbia. For Deep City 2030, he’ll be directing “victory reward” videos, imbued with his sharp wit and ironic perspective.

Meet more of the Deep City 2030 team.


Designer/Programmer Craig Harwood is a hardcore gamer with a wicked sense of humour. He translates ideas fluidly between visuals and code.


Co-Producer John Brodhead is a self-proclaimed city geek and policy wonk. He is also the Executive Director of our project partner, Evergreen CityWorks.


Line Producer Tara Luxmore makes films, games and online experiences. With a voracious appetite for all things media, Tara has her finger on the pulse of the zeitgeist.

And if you're still wondering if we're the real deal, check out our Board of Advisors.

Deep City 2030 is produced in partnership with Evergreen CityWorks.

Evergreen CityWorks is the coolest ‘green city’ organization ever. Best in their class. No, seriously!


Hey... It's not even done yet and we already have fans!


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We're on Facebook every day so hit us up at Deepcity2030.

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